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I did a friends cut tonight.

I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed these days. I don't think I'll ever dig myself out from under this mountain of work, my apartment is still littered with boxes, and the days are just flying by in a blur.

When I feel overwhelmed like this, I tend to retreat, and that's what I've been doing every time I look at my friends list lately. I added a lot of people in recent friending memes, but didn't seem to connect with a lot of them, and wading through a friends page full of posts from people I never interact with was too overwhelming, given how little free time I have these days. That was causing me to retreat from LJ, which was making me feel guilty for neglecting to comment on my friends' posts, which was just making me more stressed... and so on.

It's not personal, really.
Simon's Cat

Friends cut

I've been going through a pretty turbulent couple of weeks, and as a result I've been filtering some of my entries, which I don't usually do. This has led me to realize that I'm just not that close to some of you, and so I think it's time to do a cut. No hard feelings to anyone who I removed; we just didn't seem to be connecting very well. All the best.